Monday, September 21, 2009

Q: Why do rhinos have so many wrinkles?

A: because they are hard to iron!

oh, the joys of eating a Popsicle in a San Francisco summer (aka, it's the first official day of fall, according to the calendar), and reading the joke on the stick afterward.

its' been almost 80 degrees all week! I need to cool off... so, on $4 a day, decided to make:

Strawberry Orange "Creamsicles"-makes 8

what's inside:
-fresh orange juice
-simple syrup infused with orange zest
-pureed strawberries (strained of seeds)
-a dash of vanilla for that creamy flavor

okay, so my Popsicle sticks don't have jokes on them, but it was delicious, and I have 7 more in the freezer!

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