Thursday, September 24, 2009

finally feeling deprivation on $4 a day

dinner on food stamps tonight was: delicious enchiladadas. I had them at 5 before meeting some friends out for happy hour... it was fun, lively, and I drank water...

but afterwards, got persuaded to join them for dinner. out. I ate the apple and orange from my purse while my friends ordered onion rings, hot capicola sandwiches stuffed with fries and coleslaw from Giordano Bros.

hmm. I felt okay going. I was full, so not jealous, and just had fun hanging out! But if I hadn't eaten an early dinner, I either would have caved and eaten out, or just left and been dismal at home.

60% of the clients at SFFoodBank served last year come from working families.

aahggghhhhh drooling. steak and eggs sandwich.

what's inside: everything delicious.

drinks of friends
my wholesome and free beverage

it is disheartening to think that in 3 more days, when I can be drinking another morning latte, thousands of others will still be living on food stamps and $4 a day.

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