Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caution: Professional Driver on a Closed Course

well, more like, professional cook in a well-stocked kitchen.

-i have pantry goods (ginger, fennel, cumin, vanilla, olive and vegetable oil)
-i cook for a living, so i make these fancy-looking yet affordable foods quickly and easily

I highly doubt that most San Franciscans, especially those living on food stamps and working 2 jobs will have time to make each one of the meals I've made/will make each and every week.

The recipes I made are to serve just me but can be easily scaled up to be stored (even frozen) and reheated at a moment's notice. Some of them look nice plated, but are actually fairly simple and fast to prepare.

one reason that I am doing this challenge is because I like inspiring, giving ideas to run with or try out. Maybe make a nice meal IN, rather than going out, and display out how presentation or adding a dash of a different ingredient can make a meal special.
and i'll continue to show some!

In San Francisco, 150K people are unsure where their next meal is coming from.

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