Sunday, September 20, 2009

Groceries on the Hunger Challenge!

on Sunday, i woke up craving a coffeehouse crap latte, the kind with caramel drizzled on top. cuh-raving it.

alas, started on that day, 9/20/09!

I spent $24.52 on groceries for the week ... under my budget of $28 for all food and drink for 7 days (aka, $4 a day). Safeway was too expensive, as was my local organic haunt, Country Cheese Inc. had prices similar to Whole Foods, but with less selection: so I got my bulk goods there: beans, rice, quinoa, canned tomatoes...

my favorite buy was an unexpected chicken leg purchase: 77 cents at Mi Ranchito market on Mission/17th - a Mexican market stocked by Chinese employees and run
by a man from Iran. great combination for a good deal on poultry.

the photo shows all of my food for the week (no, I don't plan on eating 3 square meals at Mickey D's)...

up first: oatmeal with raisins for a quick and easy breakfast.

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