Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010!

For a short vacation, I recently headed down to the island Ometepe, home to two volcanoes (one active), for a few days off. This island getaway was wonderful. I lounged, horseback rode on the beach, danced with fire nunchucks, helped schoolkids practice english, and created some trails when I got lost meandering around. I also ate some great food.

I ate salad every day, with the most wonderful greens I’ve had since I’ve moved. New to me, and delectable are hibiscus greens, which have a strong berry flavor- great when mixed with the other fresh greens. I’d love to throw them in with goat cheese (available locally) and balsamic vinegar (imported) sometime. yum.

I stayed with Martijn and Patricia, who host the best Pizza Night on the island. They have fresh turmeric growing outside of their living room, which was great! I turned one of the pizzas into a Thai-style calzone; probably the weirdest pizza to hit Pizza Night to date: fresh vegetables and greens with Ometepe banana vinegar, honey and grated turmeric. I feel a little guilty: that orange tint is not coming off the cheese grater any time soon. Thanks for hosting!

The best meals I have had since my move came from “Ometepe Ben’s” new hostel/restaurant: green papaya salad, homemade pasta with eggplant sauce, and leafy greens galore. Plus, he and Sara serve filtered ice. paradise.

I took home some of Ben’s homespun honey, a healthy belly, and the correct spelling and pronounciation of Nicaragua’s prized animal, the shorn sheep: Pellib├╝ey. After trekking down on bus, it was nice to take a cab home.

The video is a small sample of the Wild! spring break that ensued on the rustic island.