Monday, March 15, 2010

those feral dogs are beginning to look attractive

today, i spent 30 minutes in line at the bank, only to find out that I couldn't cash my check because I was at the wrong bank. I headed down the street, only to find out, once at the teller, that I didn't have my passport on me. A trip home and back, and the check was cashed. Time spent: 1 hour 25 minutes. And I didn't even get frustrated.

a few more signs that I am growing accustomed to my surroundings:
  • i eat food that has been sitting out in the heat for unhealthy amounts of time
  • i don't notice bugs and spiders crawling on my keyboard or monitor
  • my english is getting just as bad as my spanish
  • i do 'normal life' chores, like paying bills (in person) and buying groceries (from a street vendor) with patience
  • i don't giggle at 'bimbo' brand bread or weird yet grave misspellings in english
  • mosquitos leave me alone, somewhat
  • the street lady i buy fruit from knows i don't like using plastic bag (she loads it into the basket on my bike, yeeah)
Now, I still get hassled on the street daily, and push my coworkers to eat vegetables (potatoes and fried plantains don't count)... but generally, i can take the lemons (well, limes, there are no lemons in this country) that Nicaragua tosses my way.

pictured: the usual, a 4 inch butterfly caught in the dish rack at work


  1. The 'developing' world really does exercise patience - but you've always been a patient person. Exciting that you're a regular with the fruit stand lady! Also, I hope the butterfly is okay... Good thing the dishwasher disinfects.

  2. Patience is just about the only thing I am 'exercising' right now...
    and, the dishwasher disinfects somewhat- actually, I am training all 3 of them: Sandra, Ivania, and Elsa, about sanitation in the kitchen on a daily basis. oy.