Tuesday, March 30, 2010

and when you smile for the camera,

...I know I'll love you better.

It's a sad day. My camera has a "lens error." The manual suggests that I need to go to a Nikon retailer (aka the US), so I am currently camera-less.

this week is Semana Santa! There are Jesus parades everywhere and I can't document them. I tried looking online to find a picture of a similar Jesus parade, but they are all too grandiose. Even the Honduran one. And the crowd gathered around the Granadino Jesus is small and somewhat lackadaisical. And I couldn't find a statue of Jesus that has as much blood or tears as ours here in Granada. it is glorious.

at least now I know why the brass bands have been practicing at 3am for months. I wish I could say that the practice has paid off. A for effort.

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