Wednesday, March 17, 2010

farm to table.

It is very rare for a local restaurant here to showcase local product, for a variety of reasons. I am learning about unique items that Nicaragua has to offer, and feeding them to our guests.
today is: Pelliway! Here he is! Nice sweater vest, buddy. Free range, unofficially organic, but treated well. For us, one animal lasts about 2 weeks- between the bones, loin, ribs, legs and miscellaneous leftovers, I make a large variety of dishes featuring this special Nicaraguan mammal. We get ours from a farm on Zapatera.

chile glazed rib appetizer with coconut curry sauce

braised shank in a classic borscht
organic dill on top.

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  1. Pelliway= sheep + goat = SHOAT! In borscht?! You're a magician!