Monday, March 8, 2010

island treats

Every day a little bit more falls into place. I've been able to run errands for myself, and figured out my way around 2 health centers to get the necessary tests for working in a kitchen here. Today's test was a swab to determine that I do not have fecal matter on my hands. I would never think this to be necessary, but, if it is, I am sure glad that they check this. Spending time in the health centers, I am reminded that yes, I am in a 3rd world country. The contrast of what we offer at Jicaro is astounding. I feel grateful to be apart of something that brings such a new experience to employees and visitors of Nicaragua.

In addition to the odds and ends of getting the resort's kitchen together, I am having some fun offering local items that are normally served as street food here. I've shown repocheta, which is a pan fried tortilla with cheese, coleslaw and garlic bean puree. We wash all the ingredients before cooking them- dig in, fearlessly!

Also, we have this cool floating deck for offshore yoga or candlelit sunset dinners! ooh la la!

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