Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Thank you so much! Nicaragua has a lot of products, but sometimes, I just need something familiar, healthy, in English, and it is even better when delivered to my door via a friend. My initial bags were packed with bare essential and kitchen supplies. A big thanks to everyone who's trekked through layovers and brought treats!
Now when I am not cooking, I can envelope my senses in the comfort of American English language books and activities to help me unwind.

American Snacks! comfort food and snacks- the most being Tasty Bites from Trader Joes- for an easy dinner or lunch, thank you!
Skin Care. This wonderful warm climate is wreaking havoc on my skin.
Books! I got some great reading material and a NYT crossword book!

decent reading materials in English. Thank you!
snacks! and swiss chard seeds! i am going to recruit some help to build a planter.
candy and needles for drawing blood. Each syringe is sealed in plastic- i really understand the importance and rarity of that here. the story is not blog-ppropriate, but, creepy story short, i am in good health. phew. Mego's gift ensures future good health for Nica Kitchen Health Certification Tests (there's a lot of irony in that).

from my parents: tax forms, costco run (tampons are always a welcome gift-not easy to come by here), random clothes. Special Treat- REL's family Christmas card and goat milk soap from Harley Farms!

note for anyone traveling to visit: feel free to bring items to donate to my community! please do not raid my stored clothes for said items. signed, mgmt.

aaaaanyway: a big thanks to: Laura (my first mule), Shanks, Erin! Erin! Mateo, and for the gifts from Megan and Laurel & Mom and Dad, of course!

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  1. I'm glad the family Christmas card made it in. :)