Sunday, February 21, 2010

the trifecta.

i've been having some fun with traditional Nicaraguan fare for hotel guests. Gallo Pinto is easy to play with, and I offer it 3 meals a day to our guests.

breakfast: Eggs, Nica style, with tostones, crema, queso seco, traditional Gallo Pinto

lunch: spiced Gallo Pinto burger, arugula, homemade banana ketchup, ginger 'slaw

dinner; appetizer: Gallo Pinto Cabbage Roll with mint, papaya chutney

with a little variety, it makes eating gallo pinto all day everyday seem like a treat! well, here, eating gallo pinto 3 times a day is a treat, because it is sustaining food for hardworking folks. so, there's that to chew on.

no, no plans as of yet for a GP dessert.

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