Thursday, February 18, 2010

a post not about cooking.

fact: i do get time off. not much, so when i do, i try to fill this time with fun activities. Granada is a wonderful place to do this; I spend time at the local hipstir cafe (think Friends, if you can remember that show), go to yoga, and do incredibly silly/typically "Calley" things...

theme party: enchanted forest; homemade costume that I whipped up in about 15 minutes after work before heading out. I didn't have time to get the fabric so my kitchen assistant bought some for me the morning of the party. there were a lot of people dressed as Smurfs, and Martin was "Gargamel." Awesome.

I have transferred my abilities of creating epic charades odysseys to bilingual pictionary (after burger night):

Perrozompompo Concert in Managua
(hands down best part was the karaoke in the van ride there and back- kudos to DJ Gringo)

With Matt and Diego, I threw a "gay pool party" for Paloma's 30th birthday, with unofficial sponsor of Schmidtt's Gay Beer (Matt in pool at the end of the night)

Alright- enough of this. back to cooking! I have some Mojarra to gut.

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