Tuesday, February 9, 2010

recent stats

hmm, what am I currently doing with my life? Or, to break it down, my week?
  • Amount of live fish I have bought this week, fresh off the boat: 6
  • Pounds of Gallo Pinto I eat on a weekly basis: about 3
  • Amount of bug bites on my ankles: 7
  • Number of employees I have fired: 1
  • Current humidity percentage: 55
  • Days in a row I have worn the same shirt: 4
  • Number of hours a day I feel clean and refreshed: 0.85
  • How many times I have heard Four Non Blondes "What's Going On" this week: 2
  • Days in a row that I have handwashed that shirt to have it clean for the morning: 3
  • How many times a day I forget and talk in English instead of Spanish: 3
  • Number of Reggaeton songs that I enjoy: 0
  • Number of times I check facebook a day, at minimum: 6
  • Amount of hours in a day that I do not spend at or thinking about work: 7.5
  • Amount of those hours that I am sleeping: as many as I can
  • Hours in a day I pine over leafy greens: 2
  • Number of goats I have butchered today: 1
  • Number of times out of 10 that I wish for a cool breeze, and, like a miracle, it comes: 2
a snippet of my boat ride to work, there's always an egret or two, or ten:


  1. Ooff. Sounds like that boat engine needs a little work! Hey, who did you fire? The breakfast chef?? You are TOO funny...keep writing.....

  2. Loved the video. Let's have more shots of you rather than the egret.

  3. I couldn't take a video of myself dad- using your advice, I have my camera duct taped to my body.