Saturday, December 26, 2009

mail me some manischewitz...

Trying to explain what a latke is to the kitchen staff was a feat. "It's potato food from the people... Jewish? That aren't Catholic? And have small hats and curls near their ears (think: spring potluck charades 2009)?" (this explanation was met with blank stares) "It's like the breakfast potatoes, grated, from McDonald's?" (a few nods- there is a Mickey D's in Managua so a few people got it...

so, I just had to make them. That's right: plantain latkes!

I know it is belated, but, Happy 

Guapote (white fish), seared, with beets, romaine, plantain latke & a chilote (tiny corn) vinaigrette


  1. Those guys that wear hats! and have curly hair by their ears! Yes! But I don't know what they are called!

  2. oh and good work using the plaintains, although isn't that the first thing you learned to cook with?