Sunday, December 13, 2009

yuca-n get it if you really want...

I know now why I have never seen a lot of yuca options on the menu. In light of the Yuca disaster yesterday, I need to practice with that- because it is so plentiful here! I have only seen the firm yuca, not the soft.

I had a delicious fried yuca with garlic and lime at a fancy restaurant here. They even sell it at Price Smart (like Costco- there's one in the country, it's about 1 hr. away)

Otherwise known as Cassava, it's great in dessert, fried, tapioca... I tried treating it like a potato, and my garlic yuca mash would be great for sealing leaks or damaged walls.

recipes welcome.


  1. PS We love the tie in with the you tube video and lyrics and your title, etc..... such a clever gal! xoxo

  2. Calley you are fabulous!! I had no idea you'd moved to Nicaragua! Fantasizing about your beautiful meals and hoping all is well :) xoxo, Ruthie