Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This little piggy went to the market... yada yada and cried wee wee wee wee all the way home.

Why, hello there!
  I tried checking out the Granada marketplace. Interesting spot. Huge baskets of plantains next to a vendor selling lady speed stick, some live chickens, some queso aging in the morning sun...
 The quantity of produce, dry goods and trinkets is really fascinating, but I didn't really want to pull out my camera. I get hassled enough being whitey (I am working hard to get a safe base tan going, by the way)... I didn't want to get my camera stolen or whathaveyou. It is hot, gross, and there is not a lot of personal space. I managed to sneak a photo in at a small stand.
  However, you can see, what fun produce! Never have to feel bad about eating bananas and pineapple, it's local, baby!
 Now that I have started work, the hardest part is finding high quality, local ingredients from reliable sources. Tomorrow I head out to meet some people face to face! Actually, that is pretty much the only way to get good organic goods here, since most farmers don't have phones. I guess they just use twitter.*

As far as home cooking goes, I have kept things fairly simple. The supermarket sells medley of veggies in a bag for under $1, a melange of root vegetables, fruit and a bit of cabbage... I washed them (with filtered water) and cooked it into a curry with some chick peas. Hellooo lunch for the week!

*are twitter jokes still funny?


  1. Well at least you have plaintains! Everyone can cook with those! (also at least you have lady speed stick, since you can no longer borrow my deodorant...)

  2. Hey, now....did I inspire you with my Cold Weather Curry?? Long live Chick Peas!! Make sure you use duct tape to strap that camera to your neck..... hey, I am here at Stanford....should I look for your old camera?? :)