Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bienvenidos a Granada, Nicaragua!

Hola! Here I am in Granada, Nicaragua... after 2 planes flights, a truck ride, some bug spray and a few days of settling in. It is not raining, not cold, not snowing... it is currently about 85 degrees. Not that dry Santa Ana 85 that has a cool wind blowing. The humidity level is like, 70%. That's a fake smile right after I wiped sweat off my face. I am now in the shade.

While I type, I'll put some local noises I hear in parentheses.

It is Purisima, a holiday celebrating the Virgin Mary. The celebration reminds me of my time living in SF's Chinatown during New Year's... various parades (horses trotting by), and firecrackers. But these fireworks are LOUD. Like, gunshot Boom! loud. A band plays while people cart a statue of the Virgin in front of houses and small churches.

I like to think that I (boom) am adjusting slightly to the heat (boom). Granada has shown great displays of history (boom), poverty (stream of crackly fireworks) and natural beauty ( (boom). I haven't exactly plunged into the food just yet because (car blasting reggaeton through subwoofers) I want my digestive organs to ease into it. The people are friendly (church bells) and the city seems improved since I last saw it in 2006.

What I currently smell is used fireworks amongst humid air, and ah, a slight breeze. temporary relief.


  1. Love it! Cracking up at the sounds.... After you've eaten from a street vendor, drop us a line to tell how your belly feels!