Friday, January 8, 2010

Grateful in Granada

adjusting to living and working in Nicaragua has been tough. i have my gripes about the country, the city, the climate, the job, but there is a lot to be thankful for down here. attention: dangerously cheesy.

  1. lack of smart phones. talking to people face to face, eating out, car rides and walking down the street, saying hello, engaging. so much better than walking like zombies, isolated by headphones and light up displays from warm blooded society. need directions? can’t get anywhere wtih google maps, anway... “remember where the gas station used to be, before it burnt down in 1979? turn left there...”
  2. boat ride to work in the morning. breathtaking view. windy and cool. and i get some peace.
  3. a job that challenges me at every corner. although sometimes frustrating, i am really happy working hard, putting in my all. I am worn out at the end of the day, but this is crazy, fun, exciting, non-stop learning.
  4. boat ride from work at night. breezy, star-filled, peaceful. unless there are sardines jumping into the 8 ft. wooden planked boat. but makes me smile nonetheless. 
  5. social networking. whether it be friends or with work, nothing gets done here without some quality bonding. it is fun, engaging and rewarding.
  6. conveniences of first world countries that are available here. internet, skype, Matt has a washing machine, there are cars, some paved roads, etc.
  7. supercool ex-pats. are helpful, understanding, fun and great people to know. it's nice to take a break from speaking in spanish, too.
  8. the lack of greed within the culture. the community here is not looking to make a quick buck, step on toes or stab backs in order to get ahead- the emphasis is instead on family, contentment and care. The synergy created from this type of community is energizing.
  9. getting to know Matt. my boss, landlord, brother- always looking out for me, my number 1 fan, and we have a lot of laughs. it is great to spend time with Matt.
  10. the gratification of getting something done. because i don't know the language well, nor the city, nor how things work- when I can actually do something on my own, the gratification and pride I feel leaves me beaming.

      welp, that's my top 10. I plan to reread this when I am feeling stressed, and remember the knowledge, experience and happiness that I have to gain from my time here in Nicaragua.

      cheers! signed, grateful in granada


      1. I love it, Cal! This is all so true.... I particularly love the no smart phones (as I type this comment on my iPhone...) xoxo

      2. Love the sis/bro photo! :) And Happy New Year! I'll be sending photos from New Zealand and where Dan and I match later this week (we find out Thursday). Love you!