Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A new "fruit?" and a little ink

Presenting, the Guaba!

not to be confused with guava/guayaba, this fruit just came into season! it cost me 3 cordobas, which is about 14 US cents. Oh, man, I can't wait to try it.

um, what part do I eat? I asked the woman who sold it to me, and she said that the most delicious part is the styrofoam-ish case around the shell of the seed. In this photo, you can clearly see 3.

Not delicious. Not really any flavor at all. Kind of like slightly sweet but dried out... packing peanuts? nothing to write home about. and a lot of work to open. what's the draw? I asked around at work, and no one there eats guaba. No known use. I googled it, and found a website that claims "vegetarians eat guaba." But nothing as far as function. I thought about dehydrating, pulverizing, or perhaps frying, but nothing really enhances the flavor.

So, as far as I can tell, the woman in the park probably has a guaba tree in her yard and is scheming to make a quick buck. good luck, lady. it'll take 6 more people as naive as me just to make one.
oh well, it's mango season, too. And I can get those for free off the dozens of trees on my way to work (i now keep floss with me at all time for such occasions).

Also, as noted in our Trivia Night last week, I got some ink in the TACA in-flight magazine. ooooh!
(about halfway down, if you are far too busy to read the whole thing)

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  1. Awesome shout-out in the magazine! Congrats!