Tuesday, May 18, 2010

moving forward... baby steps

After about 6 months, I am settling in with the kitchen & staff.

I have only a few more recipes to write (it's been a long list, since dinner varies every night, plus the extra TLC it takes to write a foolproof method in spanish).

I am getting a full kitchen staff (so I can get a day off).

I am getting providers and inventory in line (i can speak with providers on the phone with somewhat ease, and now always have plenty of rice on hand for staff meal to avoid riots).

I am working with staff on sanitation (do not spit on the floor! ever!).

We are also working on routine (not only rotating food and planning ahead, but doing the same work everyday).

also, the food is coming along nicely, as in photo: dinner app. with roasted vegetables, honey from Chacocente and domestic camembert

Different than a restaurant, working at a hotel I get involved with the entire project, not just the kitchen. Example: the other night, I knew that we needed more gasoline for the generator. I spoke with the maintenance employee on duty, and explained;

"Marcos, can you please leave the empty gasoline containers by the stairs to the port so I don't forget them when I leave? That way, I can refill them on the mainland."

-"Okay, Calley."

a while later, Marcos returns. "Calley," he says. "I am a little confused. Do you want the gasoline containers for the generator, or the ones for the small boat?"


"Marcos," I reply, “which containers are empty? the ones for the boat, or the ones for the generator?”

-"The generator, Calley."

"Well, then, I think that it would be best to put those out to be refilled."

"Okay, Calley. Thanks. I was just a little confused."

sigh. "No problem, Marcos."


  1. Calley, I was so happy the gasoline containers for the boat were not empty...you really are so funny...the food looks spectacular...who brings the honey from Chacocente?

  2. Thanks! We get it delivered to us by a local farm in Jinotepe that also distributes for smaller farms that don't have the means to do so!