Monday, May 24, 2010

let's get physical

There is a Gallo Pinto 15 that no one mentioned to me before I moved down. That, plus my frequent excuses (too hot, too rainy, too tired from work), my exercise regiment is lacking, leaving my physical health in less than pique condition. It's also tricky to be motivated without the external push from others. Let's just say, my coworkers here aren't being mentored while swimming in wetsuits, nor waking up for a 6am spin class. They have clothes to hand-wash, groceries to buy (daily, as not too many people have refrigerators, and they walk to and from the market), and Mass to attend. We are currently in the middle of yet another Saint celebration this week (yay fireworks!), but I digress.

Elman, our head waiter, explained to me the Nicaraguan philosophy on working out. Before I explain it, let me throw out some facts on Elman: pillbury doughboy, loves anything sweet. I had to teach him NOT to put sugar in the juices that we serve to guests. Elman's words of wisdom: I eat a hot soup midday (during 90 degree weather), which makes me sweat. People who exercise sweat. Therefore, I can eat soup instead of exercising. Done and done.

Maybe I will be inspired by my recent viewing of Glee with ONJ and Jane Lynch working out in Let's Get Physical, part duex. To quote Chris Farley, my favorite Gap Girl, "lay off me I'm starts monday!"


  1. haha - love the gap girl reference :)

  2. elman, is a wise wise man! i have often felt like this while eating soup and feeling my body temperature rise. just last week i had to take off my sweater while i ate some pho. workin out with noodles!

  3. hmm... PX90 insanity or walk to Mass. I choose Mass.