Monday, September 6, 2010


a few of the PROS about living in Granada, Nicaragua:
  • fresh, tropical fruits sold door to door
  • power outages/water shortages teach me to appreciate them much more when I actually have them
  • bike repair done right at home
  • gorgeous lightning storms
There's sometimes an awkward selection at the deceivingly fancy grocery store (yesterday they were out of carrots, limes, cottage cheese and wheat bread). This luxury supermarket has quite a variety, and I am very content with the food I can get here. 

In addition to 'traditional' homesickness for friends, family, leafy greens and non-gamey milk, 

man, do I miss;
(Woodhouse Fish Co. for $1 oysters during my summer visit to SF)

what i would give for 
a good, flavorful beer,
fresh, fresh seafood that can be served raw &
yellow lemons!

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