Monday, September 20, 2010

captain's log. or should that be captain's blog?

I thought it would be fun to go through our kitchen’s daily log ("bitacora") and share some gems with my blog-munnity. Turns out, many of my entries weren’t that different from things I would have to say to new cooks (or old ones with bad habits) in a kitchen in California (trying to take shortcuts, using less than perfect products (burnt or old)); nothing surprising.

We are the most high-end hotel in the country, and the fact is that the crew I am working with has never worked with such high health codes, standards, timeliness or first-world luxury and service. I’ve gotten so frustrated with the variety and frequency of inconsistencies (from staff and just about everything else), that sometimes, I forget to enjoy my job- I’ve seen this happen with people I’ve worked with and for, especially in kitchens, and it makes me sad- because the only reason to work in a kitchen is because of the fun!
Now, I’ve been pranked in kitchens before (see: knives in block of ice), and done my fair share... Jicaro is no exception:

dishwasher hiding to scare personnel
I know that the team I currently work with in the kitchen tries their best, I try to cool my jets every once in a while. Especially being trapped on this 1/2 acre island, if we don’t have fun, we’ll all go crazy! I learned that pretty early on, and then practiced it long after that.
Our kitchen may have off days, and things may not be exact, but guests all leave very satisfied- mission accomplished (proof at
Still, I think that my favorite bitacora entries were: "do not fill the sink drain with sand."  and, on a loose leaf piece of paper... “Where is the bitacora?”
Sigh, I guess Ziggy said it best: nobody’s perfect.

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