Thursday, August 5, 2010

try to keep me out of the kitchen. i dare you.

Today was a good day. Maybe it’s because we have electricity again. Or because we have water again, too. Or because I heard the Macarena and Lady Gaga blasting on my morning run to the lake. Or because I took a morning run to the lake. Or because we have very content guests at the resort, and had some free time for a fun activity while they were on a tour. D) all of the above.

I took my amazing dishwasher (who now makes pastries, and I am teaching her breakfast service), on a walk around the island, a slow, silent walk, to look at our job place from a different perspective. Afterwards, we each returned to a place that we had liked with a pen & paper and had 20 minutes to draw it.
I remembered seeing a bright Heliconias flower amongst our lush green plants, the petals filled with rainwater.

About 15 minutes in, I realized that my blue pen was not capturing the reason why I liked the plant so much: the contrast in colors.

So, back to the kitchen. I rounded up some curry powder and achiote (chile/garlic) paste, and, Voila! made my drawing into a colorful “painting” that smells good enough to eat.

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