Monday, August 16, 2010

drooling: the unintentional loss of saliva from the mouth

I recently explained the idea of both an urban cougar and a brownie to my staff. This posting will detail the latter. 
Nicaragua has plenty of cookies and cakes (pronounced cake-ay, spelled: queque, which i love). Most are simply sugary and very dry. They are meant to go well with coffee, like a third world biscotti. There are also a handful of desserts that are mixed with dry, salty cheese. To introduce a dense, moist, brownie was a strange, new, yet delicious concept. They fall more on the 'local' side than on the 'light and healthy' side of the restaurant's cuisine.
brownies pose for a glamour shot

The brownie that we now serve as a lunchtime dessert is made with Nicaraguan chocolate, toasted organic cashews and fresh bananas!  These brownies have been a big hit with both staff and guests. 

They are so choice.


  1. recipe please!

    Hi Calley - sounds like you are doing well! What did they think of Urban Cougar? Are you going to introduce chocolate chip cookies next? Foggy San Francisco says hello - Barbara

  2. are so very creative and a great food photographer.

  3. Thanks, mom... Barbara- we've got chocolate chip cookies down pat, here! The humid climate keeps them soft and chewy, made with good Nicaraguan chocolate, yum!

    Recipe on the way, soon, I just need to translate it from Spanish first.