Saturday, June 4, 2011

traffic report

... for this morning's commute:
"road" conditions moderate to muddy.
accident of unknown origin caused 1 fatality (see photo). due to this obstruction, traffic both east and westbound has been diverted to the shoulder.
this guy did not survive last night's heavy rains, and became a major road block that "everyone" was talking about
just another day's walk to town on the dirt path to work. it's about 20 minutes to think about the day. I'm currently training an existing kitchen staff of a local cafe- expanding the menu, working on hygiene, sanitation, food costs, etc. and organization. The more places I work at down here, the more I feel like GRN (gordon ramsey of nicaragua). I'm constantly learning and pushing my patience threshold. In addition, I am teaching a lot, and learning from each person that I encounter. As usual, it's a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

this evening's commute home: light traffic in both directions, one bike and 3 carpenters westbound, just me heading eastbound. Just another day in paradise...

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  1. You are so funny...really.... But on a serious note, what kind of snake is that? i would have pooped my ants if I saw that when I was visiting you....