Tuesday, December 14, 2010

chapter 2.

accept an executive chef position on a whim and move to Nicaragua. check.

awards night with my kitchen crew
organize a kitchen, learn about national products and cuisine, create seasonal menus, find purveyors, set up a system of purchasing and receiving products, implement hygienic and servesafe procedures, find and train a local staff to cook sophisticated, fine dining cuisine using Nicaraguan ingredients: check.

spend qt with my favorite older brother, Matt... & have some fun: check.

move to a small island in the Nicaraguan caribbean and start again: check. wait, what?

The new gig is an established resort on the island, with great owners and the location is paradise... it will, no doubt, be an adventure. Adios, mainland! hola to this:


  1. What an adventure! Best of luck to you in Paradise.
    PS - Really, really like the creative new homepage.

  2. So exciting! And I love the final photo - beautiful!

  3. Very cool photo! Looks like quite the Island paradise.